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Thursday, September 15


“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” was once a useful metaphor, because maybe folks still heated with wood, or just as general practice, if you saw a lot of smoke, make sure some shit wasn’t on fire and about to consume your whole world. However, the modern digital landscape utilizes fog pretty much out of control, like there’s content creators and political grifters with the fog machines cranked to 27 on a 10-point scale, constantly, around the clock, just filling any and every available timeline with fog, so as to overwhelm (shock and awe) any algorithms best intentions (if they even have that). So it’s just fog everywhere you look (online), which becomes this self-perpetuating bullshit, because then all the grifters will go, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire!” and trick knowledge the deaf, dumb, and blind into believing horrible things are happening, when in actuality, it’s all just manufactured hype. It’s a lot. I’ve been trying to limit my digital teat-sucking lately, and it’s made me sleep better, think more clearly, and not feel quite so doomed. I mean, we’re still doomed, but then again we always were, from the very beginning. No reason you can’t have a functional, partially satisfying existence even when condemned to doom. Shit man, some folks been doomed for seven or eight generations, but they’re still out here, doing their damned thing.

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