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Thursday, September 1

SONG OF THE DAY: Heartbeat

War is somehow the perfect band for balancing feeling good as fuck about how beautiful the world is while also being tired of everybody's bullshit. And you kinda need both. If you are just sick of everybody's bullshit, but don't remember all the beauty in the created world, it all becomes a bit too pointless to keep bothering with. And if you're overwhelmed with the natural beauty of our random existence, you might leave yourself blind to a bunch of assholes taking advantage of your time with their self-indulgent whatever-the-fuck. Balance is always needed, even if you embrace chaos. Chaos still stands on two feet (centering the human experience) even if it's jumping around illogically. Logic is fucked half the time anyways, because it centers the human experience so hard it expects everything else in the universe to replicate human patterns. That's a philosophical foundation bound to crack by the metaphysical tectonics of actual existence.

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