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Wednesday, January 10

#79 SLOW-MOWED SINGLES: Suckas Need Bodyguards

Premier instrumentals on vinyl is always good. B-side is "The ? Remains", also a good song. I don't know, the older I get, the more I think Gang Starr may have been the most consistent rap group ever. I wish I had a Gang Starr baseball hat from the Goodwill instead of an EPMD one. Somewhere, probably in a pile that's been stepped on by workboots, so it's probably already crushed into pieces, I have a mixtape I made with nothing but 45 minutes of Premier instrumentals on one side, and nothing but 45 minutes of Black Sabbath songs on the other. If I ruined it or lost it, you can never recreate shit like that, because it never works the second time like it did the first. That's the beauty of mixtapes. I listened to some 800 songs in 48 minutes mix of hip hop from 1979 to now today that I had downloaded on the robot machine, and man, did it suck. You know not only dude not only have all that shit on vinyl, or even CD would be alright enough I guess, but some of the shit he probably never even listened to all the way through. Robot love man, robot love. The age of the tinkerbell beats and hip hop podcasts. Feels like I ought to be somebody's grandpa by now.

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PSY/OPSogist said...

I thought the worst part of that mix was the guy yelling out names and saying respect. Seems like that was his only part of the whole thing. "De La Repect"