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Wednesday, April 18

MNZ: Wresting Observer April 2, 2007

This was the issue getting all serious and delirious about the merger between the UFC and Pride. You know, MMA could be the next big thing, and it's a ton of fun to drink beer and watch, but I know of far too many wresting dork fags who have gotten into MMA as the cool alternative to being a wrestling dork fag in recent years. And if you are a dork fag, just because you move from wrestling to MMA (or anime or graphic novels or whatever), it doesn't remove you from being a dork fag. And if I knew I could go to a bar and stand around drinking beer watching MMA and it was gonna be with some regular dudes and all, I'd be down. But I'm afraid if I went, it'd just be dork fags, and then some regular dude I knew would walk past and look in the window and see me hanging out with a bunch of dork fags and it'd be like when Grady saw Rollo and Lamont come out the gay movies in that one episode of Sanford & Son. I ain't trying to go out like that.
Also, this issue talked of Tito Ortiz boxing match, and made mention of Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson being a couple. Hard to believe how much of a bad ass Tito Ortiz was like five years ago. Now he's a washed-up fuckface, and his girlfriend is a skeleton with skin (according to recent pictures) who's fucked a million dudes. When Jenna Jameson still looked halfway decent, she was acceptable enough to overlook her career choice of having dicks stuffed inside of her, but now that she looks like The Cryptkeeper's little sister in a dress, it'd be hard to accept that shit, even for novelty's sake.
I bet there's a bunch of wrestling dork fags who would love to eat other dudes' cum out of Jenna Jameson's snatch though, and maybe MMA is sorta fixed and her relationship with Tito Ortiz is just a front to draw more wrestling fans to MMA.

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