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Thursday, April 12

MNZ: Atlantis Rising May/June 2007

They offer up a free subscription to someone who doesn’t live within 100 miles of you with a paid subscription, and this is the last issue of my free subscription that someone gave me. This is all new age hokey nonsense, with flashy covers and no substance. Promises of secret sects and genetic freaks from the cover usually result in nothing much if at all and a ton of stupid DVD ads. In fact, in a whole issue of getting this thing, only two good things have ever came from it… Once, I met a dude named Stephen Buener because I was painting a house and he told the people I had a good aura and the house wanted me to paint it, and it was all true. And secondly, I used a couple issues of this during visits from the mother-in-law to occupy her schizophrenic-tendencied mind long enough to not bother me with the same shit she bothered me with about two hours earlier.

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