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Thursday, April 12

MNZ: National Geographic April 2007

My mother-in-law got me a subscription to Natty Geo for Xmas, and being I love rummaging through stacks of old copies, I falsely assumed this was some sort of relevant magazine to this day. I was wrong. It has plenty of purty pictures, but goddamn, it’s fucking stupid. This issue has a really shitty article about how there’s gonna be no fish left before long because broke ass people eat them all for protein and rich ass people demand large market for the deeper sea shit that the broke asses don’t over-harvest. Me personally, all this no more fish and global warming bullshit doesn’t scare me, because it’s all survival of the fittest anyways. No matter how much we try to save each other, motherfuckers will have to die to maintain balance. And if it ends up I have to teach my grandkids how to boil up illegal Mexicans for Sunday stew, then so be it. Of course, with the whole strength in numbers thing, I’m probably more likely to get sautéed up and spiced with some cumin seed in such a scenario.
Also, there’s perhaps the shittiest article ever written about Hip Hop in this National Geographic, but I guess mostly 64-year-old white people read it, so it probably was very informative to them. Also, I’d like to hear anything by any of the artists listed in the “international hip-hop” section of their big 3-page flow chart: X Plastaz (from Tanzania), Doble Filo (Cuba), Gokh-bi System (Senegal, which means I might have that shit because for some odd reason I have like a stack of Sengalese rap mixtapes from when my wife was over there learning drumming bullshit), Che-Fu (New Zealand, which means it must be awesome because it’s probably like The Sheepherders – all violent and crazy and missing teeth), and Castro the Destroyer (from Ghana). MC Solaar was on that list too but I’ve heard quite enough of him.

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