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Thursday, April 19

PP: Polaroid Project

So after looking at some of Dash Snow's NYC hedonism polaroids, it caused me to dig out my stupid Polaroid camera to start a project, which I promise to annoy you with in the coming months. Basically, the Polaroid camera is a great piece of shit thing because you're just stuck with whatever happens and you click it and know you just wasted over a buck on a blurry pic of your dog eating trash or some shit. So I like that, because for the most part, I'm stuck with everything in my life.
I figured the best theme would be cars or moving rideable machines, which is the theme I chose. I kept my stupid Polaroid in the truck today, and took a few pics, and never got shot just yet. Mostly, it's kinda cool because it gives me an excuse to ask some dude why he pimped out a stationwagon, or why there's a dump truck flipped over in the creek behind his house. Mostly, it also makes me nervous because living where I do, where asking questions and bothering people is frowned upon, I expect to get shot over this fairly certainly before July.
I'll start posting up pics in four-packs later this weekend though, if I remember.

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