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Friday, September 18

Friday Love/Hate

I love the fact my chickens have finally started laying eggs. Well, one of them has started, this week, and it was one that of the few on that questionable hen/rooster fence. I thunk hen, but my wife's friend, who has mad chickens, was like, "that's a beta rooster" or some shit. Nope, straight little gangsta ass white fucking hen, clucking at everything all day long the past couple weeks because of an urge to express unfertilized eggs out to the world. The trigger of actual eggs now makes me want to get up on a few more to add to our flock, as the store down the road opened something called Chicken World, and has a bunch of black stars, which are high on our list of wants (so we can name them Ghana and Nigeria and Senegal and West African shit like that, although I guess only Ghana truly reps the Black Star High Life movement). Also, having just taken the kids to this living history spot we go to on the regular, I am enamored to Polish hens, because they look like punk rockers from Jackie Chan movies. I think I be needing some chickens like that.

I hate soul lethargy. It runs thick lately, and I feel a paralysis of my dreams and hopes, relegating myself to acceptance of shitheeldom until death, which sometimes wish would help me retire from shitty job after shitty job before I'm 60. That's a weak ass attitude, but man, sometimes it all is such a fucking shackle as soon as I wake the fuck up in the morning. I find myself drinking more lately, which usually helps the lethargy blossom. I think I need a week or two of lemonade cleansing again, or something. Maybe I need to take some shrooms and go camping at Crabtree Falls. Who the fuck knows? If you figure it out though, give me a holler. I'm trying to pretend like I know what the fuck is up for my kids, and it'd be nice to explain the real deal to them before they get stuck with my bullshit brainurhythms.

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