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Sunday, November 28

r i v z x

shadow toddler swaggering
behind mama owl’s psychic
leash – umbilical females


Mike Porkchops said...

Mama Owl's Psychic Leash.... sounds like a good band name. Hey man, where the hell's that newfangled secret clubhouse bullshit? I got lost in the shuffle.

The Same Ol' Pork

Raven Mack said...

there's still one but I always forget to go there so i don't know. we probably need less of that anyways.

Mike Porkchops said...

shit, a hunger for a fridge full of beer is a beautiful thing. being a drunk robo tussling gas huffing madman is fine. so is laying off and getting some monopoly money to provide for your spawn. hell, it's in the muddied balance we live. well, it's how i live anyways. i mean, what is a crutch? is a family a crutch to keep you from that cold black chill of primordial loneliness? i've spent a lot of time in that lonely corridor and it breeds insight, but I think I lost a lot of the tools needed to be successful at making money and caring about that kind of shit. so i feel like a monk in a drunk's flesh. one to keep the other at bay, 'cause if i don't the wild awaits. ramble on

Raven Mack said...

I would like to clarify for you Mike that there is no grip being clocked in this process; there's not sell outertry involved

Anonymous said...

no. no sell outertry. god dont go there