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Tuesday, November 30

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown – October ’10 #8: “Tuesday’s Gone (demo version)” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Today is Tuesday. Somewhere on this earth ball, something that still calls itself Lynyrd Skynyrd is going to mindlessly muddle their way through an extensive catalog of songs. And outside behind my house in the camper trailer that I use as a studio, for writing for songing and for breathing creativity into my skullfucked brain, there is a copy of the Street Survivors LP with Steve Gaines in flames from before the plane wreck tacked up onto the wall. There is also a Zodiac Mindwarp LP cover tacked up. Those are the only two album covers I display. I know they sell those frames that you can put your favorite album covers inside of and get all upwardly mobile hipster asshole and act like it’s high art, but I can’t do that. Like seriously, I would feel stupid paying more than $2 for a frame like that, and I would feel stupider putting an album cover in a frame on purpose. That is why I am not a member of Lynyrd Skynyrd in 2010, because I am aware of what makes me a fucking dumbass.
This song is a demo version, which means it has an extra meander to the piano part in the beginning, before the regular thing that we all know and recognize cranks up. To this day, I feel like Ronnie Van Zant was one of the great pop cultural philosophers of the past 40 years. I am thankful he did not live long enough to lose his hunger and become a fat soul sloth living off his former glories. So very few of us are lucky enough to hear our inner-prophet’s voice that is really sad when those that have unlocked that ability then become corrupted by earthly treasures and the emotional control of other humans.
STEAL “Tuesday’s Gone”
An ode to cough syrup, but not from Houston!

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