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Wednesday, January 9

freestyle sonnet #3

(on the subject of West Virginia, as per Paul R.)

A wild and wonderful woman from either War
or Cucumber - somewhere southern where wastes
run rampant like loose slurry; she was never more
than this wildbird lounger could handle; her mouth tastes
of cigarette smoke and the High Life; mountaintops
removed her inhibitions; two minds stripped in cheap
hot tub hotel room; when intertwined, the World stops
needing meaning, we speed like demons, hope to keep
the thrill of the hills in our amphetamine hearts;
but pleasures of flesh are best measured in mirrors
faced rear view; one good month became one thousand parts
broken and patched, broken again. I still hear her
words of protest; I said "I love you," I did;
that's the last time I seen her, holding our first kid.

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