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Wednesday, January 9

freestyle sonnet #4

(on the subject of "wenches and winches" as per Robyn R. thru the twitterbox)

Where I live, redneck chicks got jacked-up scowls
twisted in perpetual anger; where's the fun
crazy bitches I remember, with the Jim Beam jowls
and feminine howls that would stay would 'til the sun
brought another goddamned day, but still no worry;
have the times been changed, where sweet rural souls act hard,
steering big shiny trucks with windshields never blurry
from moonlight mud, parked perfect in manicured yard;
what the fuck? where went the wide open but laid back
ladies with tangled cooches unshaven like my cheeks,
shaking asses to Skynyrd, drunk off of living
as wild as we wanna, parked beside backwoods creeks,
getting dirty as fuck without a misgiving.
But these No Fear chicks ain't outlaws, nothing near it;
they've wal-martinized away these women's spirit.

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