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Tuesday, January 15

freestyle sonnet #8

(from the suggested subject of bee decline by @badtracking, which always makes me think of my daughter River who has been possessed by honeybee spirit from birth, and in fact on her birthday this past weekend we gave her this awesome honeybee lamp made by this guy)

River – my youngest – is possessed by honeybees,
even speaking of Melissa, their ancient queen,
before she even knew about mythologies;
toddler games played, sniffing her nose at things unseen,
breathing deep, then sighing at times, soft voice sings “sweet,”
yet sad for when she couldn’t find them, less each spring,
missing the buzz of their spirit, feeling incomplete,
like humanity itself: will the future bring
a time of hand pollination as GM crops
disrupt raw smells that attract honeybee desires,
plus the growing pesticidal effect that stops
bees’ chemoreceptors from leading these flyers
from being a part of this well-balanced system;
thus man-made world becomes my child’s man-made prison.

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Anonymous said...

Love this one.
~Angie Not At Work