RAVEN MACK is a mystic poet-philosopher-artist of the Greater Appalachian unorthodox tradition who does all types of things, daily. The best place to get it right now is his Patreon or find his books at Amazon.

Wednesday, February 18


#1: Vp0n pyr4m1dz/bV1lt fr0m pl4st1c1z3d m4tt3r/hVm4n3 s4cr1f1c3
#2: r41nb0w wh33l 0f d00m/k4rm1c c0sm1c c0m3-Vpp4nc3/dVkkh4 dVkkh4 d00
#3: psych1c pl4n3z h1-j4ck3d/wr3ck3d 1nt0 tw1n t0w3rz 0f/1llVs10n - d3s1r3
#4: th1nk l1ghtly 0f s3lf/bVt d33ply 0f w0rld - 3g0/1z f0r fVckf4c3z
#5: 4cc3pt1ng ch4ng3 1z/l1k3 wr4pp1ng fl33t1ng l1f3 1n/t1ght 4ss y0g4 p4ntz
#6: f0ll0w th3 f4lc0n’z/3x4mpl3 - ch1ll 0Vt 0n-h1gh/w41t f0r pr3y t0 c0m3
#7: f0ll0w th3 r4v3n’z/3x4mpl3 - spr34d d1g1t4l/s33dz cr0ss w4st3d l4ndz
#8: f0ll0w th3 r1ppl3’z/3x4mpl3 - pVr3f0rm w4v3ch1ll/wh1l3 w0rld st4yz c0ng34l3d
#9: f0ll0w th3 34rth r0ck’z/3x4mpl3 - st0r3 3n3rg13z/r0ck-b4s3d Vnd3rgr0Vnd
#10: f0ll0w th3 sh4rp r0ck’s/3x4mpl3 - br34k sh1t bVst sh1t/th3n s1mply l4y th3r3

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