RAVEN MACK is a mystic poet-philosopher-artist of the Greater Appalachian unorthodox tradition who publishes zines & physical books & electronic books & music & photography & digital art & just generally whatever feels necessary to survive this deluded earth thru Rojonekku Word Fighting Arts survival systems (Version 69, establish 14 Feb 1973). Comments encouraged.

Friday, February 20


#1: too busy living/to give a shit about which/issues you trumpet
#2: struggle struggle breath/struggle struggle breath juggle/struggle struggle die
#3: an old homeless dude/smoked buddha under bridge, said/”life is suffering”
#4: fuck y’all know-it-all/motherfuckers talking shit/about what is “right”
#5: right fist knuckle tats/say “LOVE” - left fist knuckle tat/says “THIS FUCKING WORLD”
#6: too busy struggling/to breathe deep - anxiety/cobra clutches heart
#7: forked tongue palefaces/soul scrubbed from physical/body by comfort
#8: I find most comfort/hiding in woods like primates/ - guerrillas even
#9: the revolution/already happened, unseen/ - all masters are dead
#10: will you be slave, or/will you be master? - I will/none of the above

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