RAVEN MACK is a mystic poet-philosopher-artist of the Greater Appalachian unorthodox tradition who does all types of things, daily. The best place to get it right now is his Patreon or find his books at Amazon.

Friday, February 27


#1: p0st-l1t3r4t1/0VtpVt sc4tt3r3d l1k3 bVcksh0t/l1k3 d34d b1rd f34th3rz
#2: wh4t’z th3 s3qV3nc1ng/fr3qV3ncy f0r d3l1nqV3nt/g3n3t1cz l0gg3d-0ff?
#3: 4nc3str4l v01c3z/fr33styl3 b4ttl3d wh4t wVz r34l/thVs 3y3 h4d t00 h1d3
#4: w1th1n 1nn3rv3rs3/1z Vn1v3rs3 bVrst1ng w1th/cVrs3s & mVs3z
#5: th3 cVrs3 0f th3 mVs3/ - th3y w0n’t 3v3r fVkk1n’ shVt/Vp - th3r3 1z n0 p34c3
#6: 4b4nd0n3d gr4ff3d-0Vt/s4n1t4r1Vm b3c4m3/h0m3 4ft3r g0t l0st
#7: my r34l n4m3’z r4v3n/m4ck th0Vgh th3s3 t0n-t0n m4c0Vt3z/w0n’t r3c0gn1z3 1t
#8: Vncl3 gVnnys4ck/m0th3rfVck3rz tr1pp1n’ 0ff/0b3d13nc3 sh1n3
#9: 3mpty c4nv4s f0Vr/w4llz f1ll3d w1th w1ldh34rt scr1bbl3z/dr1bbl1ng fr0m bl00dstr34m
#10: Vnc1v1l1z3d d1ss/t00 0b3d13nc3 tr41n1ng/ - th1s b1rd c4nn0t ch4ng3

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