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Thursday, November 17

freestyle sonnet #058: GUN BHRIGH FITHEACH

Posh merging of peshmerga paraphernalia
into gentrified internet weird twit daydream
thought stream, living real as iggy azalea
quantum twerk; silicone valleys bank mountain stream

into animated meme; cut-and-paste yakubs
claim creative lotus, is just honda prelude
to turkish cafes sans Allah - I(n)R(eal)L(ife) noobs
navigating globalist position accrued

one other(ed) stifled then absorbed culture a time.
Melting pots sterilize raw cultures, I'm looking
to re-feralize, de-colonize, unfuck "I'm".
Tha mi Fhithich, step to primordial cooking.

Return to what's no longer remembered, much less
curated online. Tha mi Fhithich (fucking mess).

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