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Sunday, May 27

SONG OF THE DAY: Blood Sweat Tears (Raw To Survive)

Living in town now, which some folks call city but feels like town. Still though, I hated on Cville a lot of times from commuter perspective out in the country because mostly all you see is the fake ass posturing ass progressive ass elitist ass false ass Cville. But yesterday was kicking it with my teen daughter, figuring out dinner, ain’t feel like cooking, rolled up to Browns for two 3-piece meals, local hip hop radio station had go-go mix going on, there was speakers set up in Belmont Park and somebody was cooking out hard as fuck… it all felt pretty good. I can always tell because I’ve got LOUNGIN’ tattooed on my belly, and it’s connected directly to universal magnetics and it’ll start to tingle and glow when all is right in my entire biosphere. That shit ain’t glowed in years. But as I walked out with a couple 3-pieces, environmental vibes on high, the LOUNGIN’ started tingling hard, vibrating with that good times flow. Keep it bumpin’, world, keep it bumpin’, slowed down funk style.


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