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Tuesday, May 22


Getting my new place set up and got a geometric design duvet on my free queen bed (love free queens) plus old ass light in the corner with red light base so I can get that pure TLC red light action going. (I think there’s still hope for me and T-Boz tbh.) I got lavender essential oil aroma floating through the air, trying to keep my shit clean, probably have even shea butter in the bathroom too once I get by Roses (although don’t want to contribute to the gentrification of shea butter usage). Ready to get the mood right and see what this genius list built off Pendergrass’s “Turn Out the Lights” does when we got the red light on girl.
Also, because of all this, shit like Ghost’s verse on “Camay” is really speaking to me. To borrow a little of that great American poet Dennis Cole’s slang, I love kickin’ it in a big backyard. But even little backyards are nice.


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