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Saturday, May 26

SONG OF THE DAY: Cumbia en do Menor (Norman Cook Rebajada)

Memorial Day is culturally accepted as the beginning of summertime in the ol’ U.S. of America, which to me means the American continents, fuck white nationalism, fuck barbecues I came up in cookout culture. Still get confused when people say “cookout” for the fast food joint and don’t mean actual cookout in the back yard with spades at the picnic table and horseshoe stobs stobbing and kids running around fighting with sticks and not a single motherfuckin’ store bought pasta salad in sight, except maybe that one cousin, which you forgive because lol he don’t know no better.
Summertime for your boy means the screwed music hits overdrive, slow thick humid southern gothic futuristic heat zones means music warped backwards feels about right. The screw catalog has expanded in all directions (if I had my way) which means immigration (legal or illegal is subject to manmade law not my notion of unified intercontinental Americana) and the internet has helped bring cumbia rebajadas to my ear drum. Shit, immigration meant Colombian cumbia music made it to Mexico in the first place, which ended up in Monterrey and got warped back like you know it would, and then trickled into the rest of the Americas, including southside VA, which now is not southside but sitting at the edge of Cville, in some lime green basketball shorts, bad tattoos bared for the world to see. Fuck it y’all, it’s summer.


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