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Monday, May 21

SONG OF THE DAY: Complication #5

A weird cultural sign of patriarchy is every last man on Earth story is a last MAN on Earth story. I have all daughters (biologically speaking) which means my alpha male toxic masculine country ass has had to re-evaluate a lot of the little crap I do from that place. Anyways, we live in a glorious time of potential actual civilization catastrophe, which I guess is scary to a lot of children and even adults, because people are inclined to believe civilization is stable. I’ve tried to raise my children not to be marks for that bullshit – there is no stability, no meritocracy, and yes the world is fucked and likely to have collapse. But I also like my daughters to know it doesn’t have to be a last MAN on Earth, nor should it be. I mean if 95% of the Earth’s population died off in the next 20 years, that’d still leave like 375 million people alive. “Why not y’all?” I always ask them. And think how exciting it’d be to get to rebuild whatever is next.
Anyways, peace to Swamp Dogg, a Virginia legend. Swamp Doggs IRL historically have been tri-racial isolates that existed in the extreme geographical margins to hide from civilizations immoral ways. A majority of those 375 million who build the next phase of human life on Earth after inevitable collapse of this unsustainable model we’re currently running are going to be Swamp Doggs.

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