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Tuesday, June 4

SONG OF THE DAY: Top Billin' (instrumental)

No more freestyle-able beat in all of history. Just put it on loop and do it yourself, right now. Unlock your thinking mind and let your subconscious take the driver's seat. The cool thing is about halfway through this journey, even your subconscious will eventually look out the window, see something that it freaks out about, and start to climb out the window to get at it. Then your unconscious slides into the driver's seat underneath of them, so that y'all don't wreck, and begins steering the way. That's when you're really "free" styling, when your unconscious is in control, your subconscious is halfway out the window, and your thinking brain got left four exits back, and none of y'all are answering texts from them because y'all all know they're full of shit most of the time anyways.

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