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Thursday, June 6


Build or destroy in an age of destruction, where even the “good” people who claim to have forsaken the judgment and overstep of “bad” people display destructive tendencies. It’s a very simple question – are you building or destroying? It can be applied to systems as well as the community you build. When you’re on the bus, do your interactions build or destroy relationships? If you are of the class of people buying or selling a home, is it building or destroying that community, in a sense beyond yourself? The food you ate for dinner last night, is it building or destroying your health? Build/destroy comes on the 8 because that’s a numerical infinity slipped sideways, and building or destroying is just supreme math mythology which matches the  yin/yang or the ourobouros or any number of other mythological concepts throughout existence which have guided people on how to live a more balanced life. Why is it this western culture is so obsessed with perverted unsustainable forever growth models though? Why is so much of what our culture is built on not realize all that we build (I use “we” in a cultural sense, not individual sense, though we are all implicated in this shit if we are living here) is also destroying just as much, and unsustainable builds will always lead to a balancing destruction?
Anyways, that Jay Electronica line stays in my mind, where my DJ Heart will just all of a sudden scratch out a “you either build *jiwwy* build *jiwwy* build or destroy, where you come from *scrtcc* come from *skeh skeh scrtcchhh* come from” while walking through my day, and I’ll remain conscious of how each step I’m taking is actually being took, and even though there ain’t no visible water, ripples always bouncing out, from every action.

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