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Sunday, June 9

SONG OF THE DAY: Don't Mess With My Man

Dating apps have attempted to normalize all kinds of non-traditional relationship statuses, which might seem like a recent cultural progress point. But lolol any type of abnormal relationship you can think of, there's a slew of old R&B or country songs about exactly that. It is Sunday, so it is very easy to just play old country all morning while you're cooking up the turkey sausage and slicing up the cantaloupes that are about to go bad, and then by afternoon you can shift into the old R&B while you contemplate washing your car because it's pretty dirty but haha you're not going to wash it man, you're gonna end up sitting by the river, like always whenever you don't have nothing else to do. But also it's not often you don't have something else to do. Haha, this culture is completely perverted, but not with relationships, but instead with productiveness and notions that we as humans are just supposed to work all the damn time and somehow that makes us better. If you get sick days, call in sick and go have sex. If you don't get sick days at work, steal from work.

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