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Friday, June 14


dreams of blasting "Be Thankful
For What You've Got" out of old
school car I'll never afford


Anonymous said...

From semi recent posts I thought you bought a modern mans car on modern man monthly payments. I seen many a monte carlo in running condition for $1500 or less, but I guess their front yards don't offer credit. Modern day don't mesh easy with old school, but still gotta be thankful for what we got. I got a 4 cylinder slow poke with wasp nests in the doors. But it works. Except when it rains. And no radio, so I got no blast, but ever full of gratefulness to be moving. I should have bought a weathered monte instead of this low mileage shite, trying to be smart, gotta try harder to be grateful.

Raven Mack said...

I did buy modern mans car on modern mans payments. It was a horrible decision.