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Wednesday, May 6


Nothing to say today, just an excuse to use ÆSTHETIC with the dope ass dipthong, which of course now has been ruined forever by Elon Musk and Grimes. Elon Musk disturbs me because he looks like a wax museum figure brought to life by robotics. Also Pops Musk ran an African mine, that’s how Elon is wealthy enough to be so goddamned progressive and know how to not only fix the fucking Earth but outer space as well. Fuck him. Now I can’t even keep using ÆSTHETIC without thinking I’m a fuckin’ Tesla truck ad. GUESS WHAT ELON MUSK? DESERT GUERRILLA FREEDOM FIGHTER TERRORISTS WILL NEVER STRAP ANTI AIRCRAFT GUNS TO YOUR PIECE OF SHIT TRUCK. And to me, honestly, that is the ultimate sign of a truck’s authenticity.

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