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Thursday, May 7

SONG OF THE DAY: Things Fall Apart

Nothing new about what's going on in America, although I guess everything feels magnified because we've got the digital glass focusing the sunshine of our worries into fire beam laser to burn through our hope. Things been falling apart ever since somebody had the demented ideas to stack all this shit up in a particular order and expect it to remain that way. One thing western civilization never seems to grasp is our utopian delusions are Sisyphean bulshit - always have been and always will. We're not gonna have no floating robot clouds save the environment because the type of brain that thinks of floating robot clouds is what's wrong with the environment. We're not gonna save the economy by having a bunch of about-to-break people get cut off of government support and forced back into the lord of the flies hand-to-mouth world of work. But because of the fallacy of human progress, I'd like to just remind you all to not do shit. Don't do a fuckin' thing. In fact, I was about to go do some shit (spraypaint some old album covers at my girlfriend's compound) but instead I might just go sit outside with one Adidas slide on, the other one left inside, fuck it, and just walk two doors down to the cinderblock entrance to the black pentecostal church, and just sit on their steps, one slide on, one missing. But I might not even do that if some other not doing shit possibilities raise up before I get there. We're culturally inclined to overlook all these wonderful blossoms of not doing shit to start trying to get some shit done. Ain't shit to get done out here. Eat, sleep, fuck - fill the gaps with self-discovered artistic practices to keep yourself sane-ish.

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