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Thursday, May 7

SONG OF THE DAY: Baghdad Is Not Your's

Sometimes I fantasize about the longest possible road trip that exists on this Earth, which I guess might be from somewhere in southern Africa, up through the Middle East, into Asia maybe, although it might be nice to swing through Europe on a loop, in fact fuck it, let's start in southern Africa, up through west Africa, then back east towards Mecca then up into Asia, but swerve back left through Europe on the lower end of things until you get into Spain good, then back up towards the upper part of the main continent and back over into Russia, far into Asia, then down to southeast Asia, and then fuck it, let's drive back to the Middle East and fuck that reminds me of how good that goat curry was with the cabbage at that one spot somewhere in Nigeria after we passed Lagos but before we got Ghana (I think). We should go back there again, but let's go a different way this time. Until I die, running various Volkswagen bugs and Toyota pick-ups to death along the way, which only means I trade them to some wily local shade tree mechanic who continues to resurrect it, because a comfortable death is not even close to a survival death. A survival death outlives a thousand comfortable deaths. History has proven that many times over.

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