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Thursday, May 14

SONG OF THE DAY: Northampton's Child

Haven’t been writing as much good quality nonsense gibberish lately because, well, these are strange and terrible times and I have been overcome with dark thoughts of doom. Not fun doom, like walking along train tracks in the moonlight and scribbling barely clever phrases in oil bar, but boring doom, like falling asleep on your secondhand ikea futon in a basement apartment while halfway paying attention to Justified, because you felt like streaming something for a few days, to feel some sense of accomplishment, and you figured fuck it, you’d try this bullshit rural noir show again. I mean how strange and terrible a time is that? I’m willingly watching Justified, and pretending it’s not crap. You know how much of my actual life experience I have to suspend to engage in even that much tolerance? And it’s all so predictable.
This is what I hate about this current era of doom, this technological dystopia we currently find ourselves in, with fascism openly taking the reins of all institutions to usher in a bold new era of Freedom™ brand freedom where you either pull out that MasterCard debit for liberty at the most free chain stores possible, or you can fuck right off… It’s all just so boring, and there’s no torchlit wrestling fights to the death with Ox Baker or giant cockroaches or really great modified late model cars that shoot fireworks everywhere. It’s just laying around on secondhand futons streaming dumb shit waiting to get evicted from your job and rented home by debt collectors eventually as the pyramid scam cuts you off too, and then live underneath a tarp by the creek hoping all you panhandle is dollar bills and not death.
I am trying to channel my mundane doomed feelings into body improvements though. I pulled out the old stick and poke rig to put BORN TOO LOOSE on my leg last night. It’s the little victories that help us survive these dark times.

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