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Sunday, July 12


It always gives me pause when I hear someone say "I really wanna break out of my shell" because it worries me that they're actually a sci-fi rock person hybrid of some sort and they crack little layers off themselves. I've never understood the internal cellular breakdown of this because I assume they have to regenerate internally in order to replace that physical presence, or else they're just slowly making themselves closer to not existing each time they break out of their shell. But is the rock/human hybridization evenly mixed throughout, or do parts of them have more rock and other parts more human? This has also always worried me about cybertronic robot cyborgs, because I don't know, if I was a robot but with a human heart and human internal organs at least to have gut flora, but with a robot's brain, that might be tight. But I also believe my mind is like a mix of my heart and gut and brain, and one of the biggest problems with current civilization is we worship brain thinking far too much and forget to think with our heart. I don't know how robot brain and organic human heart and gut would mesh together. Oh wait, yeah I do, its' basically like having seven social media accounts you think about like they matter.
Anyways, I too want to break out of my shell, which is this horrible human skin shell. I need more pelts. If I could mix the cyborg recipe up to have some sort of animal pelt combined with human heart and internal organs and robot brain, that'd be perfect. Is there an animal with lavender velour skin?

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