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Saturday, July 11

SONG OF THE DAY: When My Fever Breaks

Is this a Covid anthem now? Anthem is also health insurance and I passed a sign they had of five things to remember during the mystery plague we're having, but it didn't ring out well enough to be remembered, especially when the Krispy Kreme was right there putting distracting smells into the air. Ain't no mask gonna stop donut smell. Health insurance doesn't really ensure anything anyways. It's amazing to me medicare for all is some crazy shit here and people get mad about wearing masks and also there are spikes in people getting sick and we don't even know if immunity happens or is permanent or what. But people are mad about wearing masks and are okay with taking a chance on kids dying by going to school. Speaking of ensuring shit, is there a co-pay to exist here in this country? Have I met my deductible yet? Am I free until January 1? Have I made enough minimum payments to not die in debt? Or will my children inherit my worthlessness? Sometimes the plague seems like relief, but there's the lottery ticket of it'd kill you right away or run up a ton of bills you'd leave behind that stack way higher than any paychecks or insurance checks that'd still come your family's way after you've gone from this mortal coil to wander the clouds playing horseshoes with Tupac and El Santo, $5 a game.

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