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Thursday, July 2

SONG OF THE DAY: Anythang (Chopped Not Slopped)

Tomorrow is a holiday since the 4th of July (which if you heard I was celebrating, that's a worldwide lie) falls on a weekend, and I’m on furlough all next week, so when I shut this bitch down at work earlier today, I ain’t doing shit for nobody for a whole goddamn ten days. Gonna hop in my Toyota Spaceship and fly the friendly back roads, scribble a few dirtgods on whatever trains got stuck the same nowhere as me, watch the sun moon and stars circulate overhead, and cast these intentions of “fuck the bullshit” out upon the universe as a whole. If the people are marching in my path, as long as they’re for the people, I’m gonna jump out the spaceship and walk with them. Time is only too short if you get too caught up in the hours and minutes. I hope for a life for all of us where we chop and screw our days away, sharing lifetimes full of Sundays, where we do the work necessary to provide for each other and self all that we need, without nobody getting so goddamned greedy they gotta fuck it up for anybody else. Salaam, motherfucker.

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