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Thursday, July 23


evicted from the comfort
of merit mythologies
exempt from reality

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Anonymous said...

I worked at DG. New in town, needing a job, I was taking my resume everywhere. At Dollar General, talked with the manager, and cashier was like, is that we're doing now, bout my resume. I got hired and cashier ended up being Jehovas Witness, wouldn't wear a Christmas sweater when we were told to. I used to do stock with the boys, unloading trucks before rolltainers, and walked to work many mornings seeing this same picture. Half-lit DG sign, so happy I made it there, whether or not my black shirt was right-side-out. 6am till 9 am stock, bathroom break, flip my shirt when necessary, cashier myself as the boys threw dog food bags and stuff on those super high shelfs you're like, why is this store like my closet?