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Monday, July 17

SONG OF THE DAY: Funky Country (kudzu'd)

Saw a lot of talk about country music because one of those sterilized Wal-Mart dentist’s office playlist country dudes re-did Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” and honestly, country music discourse is crap. Even saying country music only got jingoistic and fucked up after 9/11 is short-sighted, because half the big hits of the early days of country music during the ‘40s were about bombing Japan into oblivion. Country music has always been a tool of the state. That being said, it also attracts fucked up rural creatives, so you can find gems (like this one). Being mad at popular forms of music for sucking is like being mad that the sun came up. If you expect great shit to be popular, you haven’t been paying attention to the average American mind frame.

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