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Monday, July 3

SONG OF THE DAY: Do It (kudzu'd)

This is a South African funk band 45 I got on a lark amidst getting a few records off Carolina Soul auctions on ebay. This definitely is the bangingest banger from the stack though, as I didn’t even know the group, but damn this song is so sweet slowed down, just so thick and nasty. The negative side of accidentally finding a banger like this is I spin it so much when I’m playing records that I feel like I need a back-up copy. It’s become a foundational 45 for a slowed set. It’s also interesting how even at the international record selling discography sites, information can be sparse about large parts of the world. The internet still has its biases, even if the whole world has it. And I actually enjoy that lack of comprehensiveness, because it means you have to accept you can’t know it all, and you always gotta be seeking the shit you hadn’t been exposed to yet. Or you can find bezels of greatness beyond the scope of the mainstream digital focus (even in a place like discogs). There are always margins nobody thought to pay attention to, hiding somewhere on this Earth. And if you find them and they are great, sometimes it’s better to not tell nobody about it, because you’ll just ruin it by snitching to the whole damn world. Clout will never be worth it.

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