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Saturday, July 29

SONG OF THE DAY: Something

Al Green has always been a favorite of mine, but I'd mostly only dug into his Greatest Hits album (which has been in heavy warped level rotation since I was like 19... like I really need to get a new copy lol), which I also downloaded from the blog era (and had the added track "Belle"). I missed a lot. This track showed up on a Shaolin Soul comp I still downloaded from the limping along still blog era (for us old heads who live and die by external hard drives full of mp3s), and fuck if it's not the greatest. The Memphis backing band is on a tear, and Al's voice is always like chunky pat of batter mixed into the bowl of grits... smooth but with a touch of grittiness (literally). I love this song, and immediately got it on 45 to spin slow during live sets. Al Green, no matter how highly people think of him, is still underrated.

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