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Thursday, August 24

SONG OF THE DAY: Dreams I'll Never See (kudzu'd)

Rainbow beer cans scaring folks stoked by fears and anxieties of wokeness, in order to ignore the brokenness of how we live where we live, which none of us got a stack of brochures and did deep selection process. Lol, our parents fucked and we were born inside imaginary borders and somehow no matter where this happens, folks get riled up to think it’s the most magical place to have ever existed, that all imagined gods have deigned it the supreme plot of Earth to have a birth randomly happen. Manufactured woke outrage and the perceived inability to realize dreams, while those who truly can’t ever have their dreams be a reality keep getting smooshed between the pyramid scam that’s paying better than ever dividends to the eyeballs at the top. The greatest trick the devil ever played was the all sleight of hand, with two transgender M&Ms underneath 3 Coke bottle caps (plastic, not glass, like at the Mexican grocery store), and flipping them around until you pointed at the one you thought was the great global conspiracy when actually it was under a different cap.

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