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Tuesday, August 1

SONG OF THE DAY: Psychedelic Woman (kudzu'd)

I’d like to become one of those rich hipsters that has enough free time and money that he flies to Africa and goes digging for old 45s. I’d probably go to Peru first, but West Africa would be near the top of the list. Of course if I was a rich hipster asshole, I probably wouldn’t even think about playing records as much, because I’d be hooked on opiates in Tunisia or some shit. But still it’s fun to pretend that if I were rich, I wouldn’t be a selfish piece of shit, although I guess digging through old ass records because you have the wealth to do so is still fairly selfish. Not like I’d be making the world a better place. But the point of getting rich is not to make the world a better place… it’s to escape having to give a fuck about anything! Giving a fuck about things becomes so incredibly tiring.

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