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Wednesday, August 16

SONG OF THE DAY: Fool's Paradise (kudzu'd)

I was thinking today how weird it is we have pocket computers, and we look up information, but before we can find the information there’s tricks designed to get us to waste money, and we have to move past the tricks (which are everywhere) to try and find the information we’re looking for. But also by the time we find it, or after we find it, there’s multiple gamified options at our lit-up fingertips that may or may not cause our brain to release dopamine, so we go do those things, at least temporarily. All of this is complete physiological neurology, hardly anything psychological or in our control about all of it. Sure, we learn to control how much we let these neurological urges distract us from what we were hoping to be doing, but it’s living in an environment full of these little tricks, scattered entirely through our existence, which test our human abilities. Like we learn to deny ourselves our natural impulse. It’s all so fucked up. We built a completely warped dystopia, but we act like it’s all still down the road if we’re not careful. Lol, we done did it. We’re living in it.

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Anonymous said...

*waves from the dystopia*
-Mike Porkchops