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Wednesday, August 9

SONG OF THE DAY: Genius of Love (kudzu'd)

This remains a DJ Screw classic, slowed down a few times on grey tapes, and it’s an impeccable crossover classic by old school new wave band that jumped the genres fences before they were erected entirely in that early ‘80s environment that saw new wave and early hip hop mixing together with more ease than later decades would lead you to believe. Movements have always been multicultural, until systems come along and slap channels in place to funnel folks towards divisive positions. I got three copies of this 45, and am always looking for more on the cheap (because two of my copies are crystal clean and one is a little rough but solid and doesn’t skip, just got that nice snap crackle pop ambiance… but you always want back-ups on highly loopworthy 45s slowed down; one never knows when they’ll encounter the devil at a crossroads and he’s got 7 turntables and 6 cross faders set up and says “juggle a beat for your soul”.

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