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Sunday, August 28

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - June '11 #4: "It Probably Always Will" by Ozark Mountain Daredevils

The Ozark Mountain Daredevils album this song comes from - It'll Shine When It Shines - is the true pinnacle of redneck hippiedom albums, and a lifelong classic in my brain as my folks used to pump this up back in the day, and when my folks separated after a drunken violent incident I had to step in between when I was 16, only about 20 records from the collection made it up the road to the trailer my dad and me lived in, and this was one. My dad loved that "E.E. Lawson" song to death, man, and this whole album always reminds me of my dad, but also my youth, as the blue willow china pattern (or whatever the fuck it's called) is mimicked on the cover. Me and the ol' lady actually saw some of that china at the antique store today and I wanted to get some even though they only had two plates, just for memory value, thinking about how I was mesmerized by the pattern as a kid, living in a shitty cinderblock house full of field rats on the edge of a farm in Rice, Virginia, staring at the design with my little ass yet to be growed up and mind warped and the whole deal. Very formative times for me, but then again, all times are formative for all minds, which is why you gotta be careful in the age of the cyberwebs, because once you see something, you can't unsee it ever again. The electrosmog also clogs up your psychic abilities.
Hadn't dreamt of my dad in years, not that I can remember since my dream where he was doing crank in hell, happily, with a bunch of dudes underneath the house in Victoria he shared with his second wife. Got to hang with my sister the other weekend though, and there was an incident with my dad where he was putting some mind fuck on me, claiming I had passed on accepting my rightful hereditary ownership of The Power, or familial psychic abilities, and that my sister would get them. Shit was hurtful, in our country fucked sort of way, and I knew he was just drunk and pushing my buttons, and I think those types of "lessons" by him have fucked her far more than they fucked me. But she had seen my dad in dreams in recent years, and he was doing better than when I last saw him, even was gaining some weight for the first time ever. And I realize talking about seeing family members in dreams and knowing it's real and feeling all these planes are connected and not blinking an eye about it might seem crazy to the scientifically inclined or those grounded in what is conventionally considered reality, but it's truth. I feel bad for my dad and the internal struggles he had, and I do not think I would be where I am without him walking the path in front of me, which has allowed me to chop through shit he never got around to chopping at, and I'm still ten years to go before equaling the age he was when he died. And I can look at my oldest and see she's already walking a path I didn't get to for another five or six years at that age, and hopefully that'll mean she can chop through even more shit than me, and we will be doing work as a psychic lineage, for both my side and my ol' lady's side of the family tree. That's all you can hope for. Just like there ain't get rich quick schemes that pan out, and your numbers never hit when they draw the MegaMillions, there ain't no easy path towards psychic salvation. It might not even happen in your lifetime. But you've got to set the overall effect of your DNA on the best path possible instead of garbling it up with self-destruction and endless wrecks into the same guiard rails you done wrecked into sixteen times before.
STEAL "It Probably Always Will"
: a dude who by name you'd think was from 1938 Mississippi, but he's not!

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