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Monday, August 29

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - June '11 #1: "Ritual Of The Nile" by J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science

My eldest daughter's name is Gypsy and she is flowering into an insanely artistic and obsessive little young adult. She often asks questions about the methodical madness that is her father, like why do I have notecards with strange little phrases scribbled on them all over the place. Why can't they throw magazines in this one pile of recycling until I look through them for pictures? How come nobody but me can rate songs on the Itunes and why do I only allow for one star to be added at a time? She understands, and is as obsessive as me, because she's pretty much been working exclusively on knitting projects for the past 200 hours of her life, talking about knitting crazy things, piecing it together. But she understands the J.J. Krupert process of songs being played the most and getting on the list, and sometimes plays songs pretty much constantly in the hopes of making me write about them. Then I explained to her that it can only be songs on my gaypod, meaning a lot of the things she forces into the mix won't make it. So what we did was put a batch of songs on there at one point, and she forced her way into my Krupert dorkness. This was that song that made the final list, that she played for like three days straight in her every waking hour, to get on the list. She has been pretty deeply into Egyptian culture the past half a year or so, making paintings and clay structures in honor of it, talking about mummifying a roadkill animal if I'd bring one home if I hit it, wanting me to find Egyptian meditation music, being stoked when I made homemade falafel and told her this was an Egyptian street food. Her most amazing development is being about 87 pages into a composition book, handwriting a full novel based on Egypitan mythology, which is even more insane and ridiculous than I was at age 12, but hey, this is what we have been fermenting on our Bird Tribe compound. But this "Ritual of the Nile" song was her favorite ever at one point and she made me put on this list after understanding my madness and it's methods and using that to place J. Boogie's Dubtronic Science on the list.
This song came from one of the Deep Concentration mixes which I think was on Ohm Records, and my daughter really digs that ambient/electronic with a slight twinge of funk thing. Not really my cup of tea, though I dig this song well enough (hence it's survival on my little stupid Ipod), and enough so that I dug into getting full-length J. Boogie stuff, which entailed me signing up for their email list and getting a free download, which was not very good at all. But I still get a stupid email from J. Boogie's Dubtronic Science every now and then, and I often wonder if J. Boogie has any other possessive bands, or just the Dubtronic Science one, and who the fuck is J. Boogie anyways? Nonetheless, this song is an enjoyable electronic romp down the river, watching snake charmers and belly dancers and little TVs plugged into bicycle-powered batteries with a McDonalds commercial where a terrorist jumps out chasing a cartoon Hunger monster with one of those swashbuckling Arab swords, yelling "FALALALALALALALALA" and as he catches up to hunger and is about to chop it with the sword, or so you think, he finishes yelling "LALALALALAlafel" and whips out a McDonalds falafel sandwich in nutritionless pita and that is all what I imagine floating down the Nile through Egypt to be like, just with more hot, and sand in my glasses, which is so fucking frustrating because I forget and clean them on my shirt, which scuffs them up and makes me see even less, but I never go get new ones because I hate finding an eye doctor that takes my stupid eye insurance, which isn't much of an insurance, and usually just end up going to the guy beside Wal-Mart (which means like three times in my life) and the last time I swear the guy was drunk and didn't pay attention to me so my glasses were kinda fucked when I got them, like didn't seem clear, but eventually my eyes deteriorated to where it made sense or I at least got used to it, and that's still the glasses I have, because I break everything and because of that when something isn't broke - like in three pieces broke, not just scuffed and dirty blemished but not quite broke - I won't replace it. That's just how I am.
STEAL "Ritual Of The Nile"
: we will celebrate our American freedom in the rear view mirror of my mind!


Jared said...

Make sure to wet your glasses on both sides, just with water, and they'll be at least somewhat better, or at least they won't get worse. You probably have an anti-reflective coating on the lenses, and wiping them without wetting them is what fucks them up.

Raven Mack said...

yeah my anti-reflective coating turned into alligator speckles pretty early on