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Monday, August 22

Hype & Intentions

What is going on? Had meant to do a plug for a couple things last Friday, but got sidetracked by life, and not really sure if I feel compelled to make time for things like this, but would like to pretend I'm trying to accomplish something by having a cyberhole to fill, so let's do it this way on a Monday morning...
First looking back, my man Neil and myself (along with the motley crew of associated contributors) are gearing up for the new NFL season as Armchair Linebacker. Me and Neil are doing team previews, starting with the bottom of the league, working our way up until kickoff the second week of September. You should check out the previews, and know that my NFL bullshit I usually do is just going to be there.
Also, my Rojonekku tumblr has sort of developed into something or other... I'm not sure, but I put a lot of my robot phone pictures up there, as well as other dumb shit. It is a thing, to be sure, but like all tumblrs, just a fucking distraction. But hey, look at you, staring into the cyberboob like you is. Maybe you'll like it.

As for intentions for this week, I am conjuring up/outlining/fleshing out/working on a six-pack of short stories, which I'd previously thought of submitting here or there, but I may do some wacky kickstarter thing to just publish them here instead. Fuck the way the world works, because the world is crooked.
I am also writing long-form poetry, for whatever reason, probably because I have enjoyed sitting by my pigs and rambling insanely in a scientific computational notebook lately in red ink. It makes me feel like Walt Whitman, though to be honest, I have no fucking idea how Walt Whitman wrote, or if he was crazy, or what.
Also, there is a zine in the works, which features some of the better nonsensical recent items from here along with some uninternetted nonsensical things. This zine will be a strictly in person type deal, set at a couple of places, but I am planning on doing some sort of kickstarter deal for that as well, and there will probably be a chance to get a copy through that mechanism of patronly cybertronning. I've been laying shit out on that one, and hope to have the first full issue close to done by next weekend, though my day job (which I have kept, thank you very much stereotypical critic) has promised to be a fucking blitzkrieg of soul-blocking lately, so who knows what will actually happen with that.
There has been a bump in comments on the blog lately, and I enjoy that. Not because it gives me any ego boost or anything but because shit man, I feel like this is an open space, or else I'd just carve all this jibber jabber into trees down by the creek. Feel free to have some ownership in it and jibber jabber back at me. I am inside the twitters as well, but that place is like four real people, 3 million sales pitches, and 400,000 propaganda programs being run by the government. But if you dabble in such pretend revolutions where the propaganda is the revolution because the greatest trick the devil ever pulled off was convincing you he didn't exist, then I am @rojonekku. Rojonekku is me everywhere. If you see a motherfucker with that shit, that means they are good people. If they are somehow co-opting it for nefarious means, then whatever man. I got cosmic karma and a fifty-foot aura, so when they diss Dre, they only diss themself.

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