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Monday, August 22

Ultimate 100: Intro

A while back I was trying to do some sort of DVD viewing/ranking/rating thing for the Ultimate Fighter TV show, like starting with the first year and moving on. I think I got to about the third or fourth season before I became completely disgusted with it, and not because of the tragic human cockfighting aspect or anything, because I'm all for human cockfighting. We're not good for much, so we might as well fight each other brutally for entertainment.
My problem ultimately with ultimate fighting is two-fold... First, the dudes who do it tend to be complete fucking tools, yet they don't know it, and they don't think they're tools but everybody else is. This is standard Las Vegas syndrome, which it only makes sense this shit is heavily tied to Vegas. That's one of the few places on earth a completely sheltered but thinking he's cool guy can wear stupidly designed shirts, take undetectable growth hormones, and get his "I'm a bad motherfucker" vibe on, without having to join the military, like most small town weightlifting losers do, so that they can end up in awesome places like Virginia Beach or Texas. Secondly - and most importantly - Dana White is about the most goddamned annoying fucking dumbass on earth. Seriously. He always acts like these guys have the opportunity of a lifetime by being exploited in his goddamn company. Any time somebody rocks the cool boat, they are outcast and exiled. Dude tweets, twats, and self-imports his way through life, thinking he's some goddamned Jesus of True Sport, making UFC the next big thing.
Doesn't help they signed a deal with Fox for four events a year, which could be great or could be crap. If they do it like WWF always did with their NBC events, and use it as a means to further hype overpriced pay-per-views, it's essentially a ridiculous corporate infomercial. If they can do some sort of mega-events on regular TV and try to actually be like the next football, I could see it making some ground until it gets big enough that politicians and NFL lobbyists work in cahoots to get it outlawed or put on after 10 pm or some bullshit. Dana White thinks he can just have people fight and that's all he's got to do. Plus, any time one of these punch drunk retards goes for self and does anything out of the appropriate lines of UFCdom, they get run off or reprimanded. He's basically already being Roger Goodell before they are at the NFL level, which is going to fuck him in the ass at some point.
Any ways, I did get the Ultimate 100 from the Netflixes, to watch the alleged top 100 ultimate fights (as determined whenever this shit was determined, and I guess I'll review/commentate/whatever the fuck it is I do to the matches, either in batches of five or batches of ten, depending on how wordy I am at the beginning. And let's be honest, most likely I won't even finish this thing, because I am an American, and we are fat and lazy and Mirko Cro Cop kicks us in the head when we aren't looking.

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