RAVEN MACK is a mystic poet-philosopher-artist of the Greater Appalachian unorthodox tradition who does all types of things, daily. The best place to get it right now is his Patreon or find his books at Amazon.

Saturday, February 6


#1: t00 m4nY f4ls3b34rdZ/t0d4Y, pr3t3nd1ng d1rtg0d/bVt sh1n3f4c3 d3v1lZ
#2: f4ls3b34rdZ n3v3r w1sp/c0m1ng fr0m cVltVr3 0f sm00th3d/c0mf0rt & sh3lt3r
#3: th3 f4ls3b34rd 3th0s/bV1lt fr0m 1mm0r4l1tY/c0mf0rt3d bY w34lth
#4: f4ls3b34rdz Vnd3rst4nd/s1lk3n sV1t3d w4ys b3tt3r/th4n trV3b34rd d1rtg0dz
#5: "playing lawyer ball"/4s n0t3d ph1l0s0ph3r/h4nk h1ll h4d 0nc3 s41d
#6: h4t3rz g0nn4 h4t3/& f4ls3b34rdz g0nn4 f4ls3b34rd/- c4n't d3nY n4tVr3
#7: 1'm n4tVr4l b0rn/trV3b34rd - 3v3n wh3n sh4v3d st1ll/r0Vgh 4r0Vnd 3dg3z
#8: f4ls3b34rdz cVlt1v4t3/"artisanal poverty"/w1th g3ntr1f13d 4ctz
#9: r4z0r 4ll f4ls3b34rdz/sl1c3 th31r s0ft 01l3d w1spz fr0m sm1rkz/sh0w th3m wh4t sc4rz 4r3
#10: m0th3rfVck f4ls3b34rdz/f0r3v3r - 1'm fr33b34rd... "and this/beard you cannot shave"

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