RAVEN MACK is a mystic poet-philosopher-artist of the Greater Appalachian unorthodox tradition. He does have an amazing PATREON, but also *normal* ARTIST WEBSITE too.

Saturday, February 6


#1: tracing ass contours/with ogle eyes from behind/internal creep show
#2: underwear outlines/stretch the imagination/thru cheap hotel rooms
#3: like true dirtgod-I/root through futility/of human existence
#4: feminine curves like/mountains where stiff resistance/against mainstream's born
#5: Tigris-Euphrates/fertile valley parted by/cunning folk tongue plow
#6: caveman molecules/remain active despite ten/thousand years cultured
#7: "do it as wolves do"/after lubricant courtship/69 yin-yang
#8: I remain rooted/in wild wonderful nature/inside & outside
#9: silently, walk from/work studying various/ass jiggles' science
#10: buxom as mountains/ready to birth resistance/in most ancient ways

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