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Monday, February 1

1st of The Month Rojonekku Word Fighting Arts support

I’ve had a couple new issues of the ROJONEKKU WORD FIGHTING ARTS ZINES (III and IV) printed for a couple months, but ain’t mailed the ones out sitting at my house because ya know life gets real as fuck sometimes. But I’ve been labeling shit this weekend, filling in haiku blocks on back pages of copies to subscribers, and be mailing them out starting this week. The rest I’ll give away to vagrants. But being each issue’s print run is limited to 150, and there’s way more vagrants than that on this American Earth, figured I’d tell you random internetface about subscribing to my zine, because I’m kinda switching that shit around and it’s not really a subscription any more so much as a support mechanism type thing, sort of like one of those wack ass patreons that people do so that they can do longform research about philosophical nothings, or think in public, or whatever.
I don’t really have time to pretend I’m that important. I do a bunch of shit, always, even when life has gotten real as fuck, and even more so when it eases up on me. But your “subscription” support agreement thing whatever you want to call it would run four literal issues of the ROJONEKKU WORD FIGHTING ARTS zine. I got two more issues on the back burner but ain’t felt like printing them until I mail these out. Four issues might last you three weeks, might last you two years, hard to say, but I’d like to get to rate of two issues per month eventually. That’s my target.
But I figured “Hey, if fuckers are gonna support me, why not give them other weird crap I do too?” So I figure anyone subscribed actively will also be entitled to ebook copies of whatever I put out under my own name or under Workingman Books. This will include e-copies of the zines (coming this month) and a new project I got coming out in the next week or so that’s too ridiculous to really even describe but it’s called New Earth Writing Tournaments. I’m pretty excited about how ridiculous it is though. I hope to start doing one of those a month too.
Now all this Workingman Books, electronified copies of the zine, and New Earth Writing Tournaments will be available to anyone, outside of support (at a price) so I guess you could be like, “Well, I don’t know, I’ll just ala carte this nonsense gibberish, Raven Mack.”
Fair enough. But I’ve also decided that for me, philosophically, art is more about spiritual magic than commerce, always. I don’t respect people who do art (music, images, objects, words) on the basis of money, which is why I probably don’t think much of patreons or even having to write out something like this explaining why all this might be of monetary value to you. I’m no natural marketer. But one of my favorite creations of the past few years of my life has been the railroad spikes with haiku carved into them. 

And they are an outside endeavor, thus dependent on better weather, but I’ve been conjuring and collecting and plotting new batches. So I’m planning on making a dozen a year, maybe more, but at least that many. And I’ll be giving them away, one a month, in a randomized lottery type thing for all the people who are active subscribers/supporters. They are powerful spiritual magic objects. Demand for them has always been high, so limiting access to subscribers is kinda weird, but also forces me to limit myself in how many I make. (They kinda kick my ass to make too many of them, at least all at once.)
So if you wanna support the dirtgod arts, support that shit. If you already support the dirtgod arts, thank you. (If you are already a supporter, you should be getting an email from me in the next few days about the secret shade spot where you can get the above ebook things, keep up with the haiku spike lotteries each month, and follow the New Earth Writing Tournaments, or ignore it all.) $30 US ($40 rest of world) ain't a lot to access my assorted detritus arts. (And of course, you can always see whatever's here at rojonekku.com for free, if you consider having all your online activities tracked from afar as "free".)

Back to your regularly scheduled Raven Mack nonsense gibberish…


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KEEP IT UP. Sincerely, Porkchops.

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