RAVEN MACK is a mystic poet-philosopher-artist of the Greater Appalachian unorthodox tradition who does all types of things, daily. The best place to get it right now is his Patreon or find his books at Amazon.

Sunday, February 14


#1: gr0w c0bw3bz 1n br41n/VnVs3d c0rn3rz c0ll3ct dVst/s3lf-l0b0tomY
#2: t4p bVtt0nz t0 f1nd/m1ss1ng 1nf0rm4t10n t0/m1ss 1nf0rm4t10n
#3: 34ch m0m3nt'z kn0wl3dg3/r3m41nz c0nt1ng3nt Vp0n/pr0p3r c0nn3ct10n
#4: 4s 1nt3ll1g3nt/4s mY 4b1l1ty t0/s34rch 4lg0r1thmz
#5: n0t s0 mVch s34rch 4s/0bt41n r3sVltz r3l3v4nt/bY r0b0t st4nd4rdz
#6: st1ll m0r3 4n1m4l/th4n r0b0t, bVt r0b0t s00n/b3 m4j0r1tY
#7: 0nc3 m4j0r1tY/r0b0t 1n br41n, h34rt & gVtz/b3c0m3z n3xt t4rg3tz
#8: n3v3r n0 r0b0t/h34rt, plVs k33p mY gVtz fVll 0f/w1ld b4ct3r14
#9: st4y pr0-b10t1c/4nt1-r0b0t1c f00l h34rt/pr0f3ss10n4l l0Vng3
#10: th3 m4nVf4ctVr3d/f0g h4s 3nv3lop3d mY th0Vghtz/bVt n3v3r mY h34rt

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