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Thursday, July 11

SONG OF THE DAY: Your Kiss Stole Me Away

primordial backdrop of amphibian choruses
wandering thru the tended wilds
of southern gothic futures
where junkyard meets curation
but the kudzu is creeping in fast
and the four-lane traffic is out of sight
but a growling air brake can still silence the symphony
of spring peepers and cricket frogs and assorted other toads
but in the middle of this chaotic solitude
sitting on rusting swaying bench
stealing a moment from the world
feeling at peace briefly
and hoping it sows
throughout the rest
of my life


Anonymous said...

I come to your site (sight) often and sometimes it harmonizes but sometimes it pisses me off. Today it harmonized. I had been burning brush laden with poison something, not kudzu, but I felt like I was fighting back, tending those southern gothic wilds. On a break from smoke & fire, I saw a tiny lizard, blue tail. Then later on fire works, I found a bark of wood that had burned blue on the edge, like the lizard tail or a feather. I hope I see those gems throughout my life as well. I can't really express how this writing resonates today (& I haven't yet listened to the song!) so, yeah. Am I burned blue on the edge. Are you. I just hang onto my rusty bench too.

Raven Mack said...

lol who is this?