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Saturday, July 20

Nagoya Basho 2019 Honour Tanka Day Three: HOKUTOFUJI (0-3)

sometimes victory 
or loss alone doesn't tell 
the larger story 

Hokutofuji had yet 
to win, facing Hakuho 

facing the greatest 
sumo rikishi ever, 
all of history 

Hokutofuji destined 
to be crushed, without a doubt 

and yes, Hakuho 
beat him, as was expected, 
but what a battle 

Hokutofuji, despite 
no wins, showed fighting spirit 

lots of us stupid 
motherfuckers on this Earth 
are destined to lose 

the spirit with which innate 
doom is carried means so much 

at end of the day, 
left with our faces smudged with 
our innate failures 

we wipe it off, say fuck it, 
hope to stand tall tomorrow 

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